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13th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit 18 – 19 October 2022 | Dubai

13th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit intends to answer your questions In this highly interactive event.

HR practises in the Middle East area are complicated, and the present rate of globalisation has contributed by its own flavour to the mix. The industry has expanded, and innovation in the field is accelerating. The post-pandemic environment, however, is causing further problems in the sector. How can we get out of the “pandemic box” and bring people back to work? Do you want to be an agile organization from an HR perspective, or keep serving the organization in different situations?
The 13th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit has been intended to answer all of your questions. In this highly interactive event, industry professionals from the banking, retail, aviation, hotel, pharmaceutical, insurance, telecom, and automotive sectors will share with you invaluable advice and lessons gained. Remote work, employee well-being programmes, digitising learning, HR trends for 2023, commanding a seat at the table, data-driven approach, developing a genuine and collaborative work culture, employee engagement, and many other topics are under the spotlight.