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31 Awareness Workshops to Raise Emiratisation in Private Sector

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Holds 31 Awareness Workshops on Decision to Raise Emiratisation in Private Sector


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation [MOHRE] organised a total of 31 workshops in June 2022 to raise awareness on the Cabinet’s decision to increase the percentage of Emiratisation of skilled jobs by 2% annually in private sector establishments that employ 50 or more employees. Representatives from 1,064 establishments in the UAE took part in the workshops

The ministry organised 25 face-to-face workshops at MOHRE headquarters in Dubai, in which representatives from 512 establishments took part. Besides this, 6 virtual workshops were also organised by MOHRE, in which representatives of 552 establishments participated.

These workshops were part of the ministry’s efforts to enhance the awareness of its partners in the private sector on the rationale behind the decision on Emiratisation, ministerial decisions, legal procedures & labour market policies.

The workshops reviewed the main pillars of the decision, including those related to establishments which fall within the purview of the decision – with those that have 50 or more workers.

The workshops also discussed the mechanism for calculating the Emiratisation percentage in accordance with the decision which stipulates raising the current Emiratisation rates in the targeted establishments at a rate of 2% annually in skilled jobs starting from this year and achieving a 10% increase rate until 2026.

The workshops also reviewed the monthly fees to be levied on establishments that fail to meet the required Emiratisation rates, which is not less than AED 6000 per month for each Emirati not appointed as per the target, starting from January 2023, provided that the total value is paid annually and in one instalment for that year, with an increase of AED 1000 on an annual basis.

The workshops reviewed incentives provided by the Nafis program, including subscription and salary support programs for citizens in the private sector, benefits, and allowances for children of workers in this sector, in addition to raising capabilities and expertise, as well as programs targeting Emiratis’ jobs in the private sector, the nursing sector, and the temporary support program.

They also reviewed the set of incentives, benefits and support provided by the ministry, including membership in the Emiratisation Partners Club in Tier 1 within the establishments classification system, with member establishments receiving discounts of up to 80% on the ministry’s services.

The workshops discussed the administrative penalties against establishments that do not meet the approved Emiratisation percentages, such as curbs on granting and renewal of work permits for establishments on the day following the due date, pause on the granting and renewal of work permits for all individual establishments of the employer after two months from the due date, and reclassifying the establishment’s category to Tier 3 according to classification determined by the Ministry in case of non-compliance for two consecutive years.

The workshops witnessed a discussion on administrative fines against establishments that are proven to carry out fake Emiratisation, with a fine of AED 20,000 for each Emirati employee to be imposed. If incorrect documents or data are submitted to the Ministry to obtain a service or benefit, a fine of AED 20,000 will be imposed on the establishment for each case.

The Ministry will continue to hold face-to-face and virtual awareness workshops in the future.