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Book Review: Greatness in NOWHERE

Melkart Rouhana: Author of  Greatness is NOWHERE



“Unleash the best version of yourself, your team, and your organization.”

Says Melkart Rouhana: Author of  Greatness is NOWHERE

Three Principles to Jazz up Your Culture, Pep up Your People, and Spice up Your Customer Experience

“Audacious, insightful and thought-provoking.”

Horst Schulze, Founder, Former President & COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Founder & Former CEO of Capella Hotel Group.

“A riveting read!”

Diana R. Oreck, NetJets Vice President, Service Representatives and Philanthropy, Former Vice President, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

“A must read for all leadership fans.”

Dr. Andreas Löhmer, MLitt, Director of Corporate Programs, Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG), University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland

“I read it in one sitting—nowhere did my attention drop off!”

Shelley Perkins, Former Chief Talent & Culture Officer, Rosewood Hotel Group

“Whether you’re a CEO or an entrepreneur, you will be energized for more effective leadership if you embrace the principles advanced in this book.”

Andre Bisasor, Founding President, Harvard Negotiation Alumni Society; President, Institute for Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy

“This actionable read is for those who wish to inspire the hearts, souls and minds of their teams.”

Kimberly Rath, MBA, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, Talent Plus

“Sensational book.”

Marc Dardenne, Chief Operating Officer, Accor Europe Luxury Brands

“If a non-fiction book can be described as a “page turner,” this is certainly that book.”

Jacqueline Moyse, Vice President of Organizational Development, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

“Greatness is the ability to unleash the best version of yourself, your team, and your organization,” says Melkart Rouhanathe author of Greatness is NOWHERE and distinguished international speaker.

“Ever since the dawn of civilization, greatness has been the voice of our human spirit. It is not an outcome, but a way of living. We are in a constant chase after meaning and progress. We seek to find the best possible version of everything, including ourselves, yearning to unleash our potential and make an impact.”

“Greatness is not exclusive to athletes or famous people,” says Melkart.  “It concerns every one of us—you and me, people who choose to find meaning, the voice to lead a purpose-driven life, and the courage to make a meaningful contribution.”

Melkart asks readers what their definition is of greatness? “Is greatness nowhere?” he asks. Or is it now here?

In Greatness is NOWHERE, Melkart examines three principles to enable greatness:

  • Principle 1: You can’t be what your culture is not

How do you promote and inspire a winning culture: that intangible and hidden mark of distinction that literally shapes everything you do?

  • Principle 2: You can’t be what your people are not

How do you translate talent to performance, surround yourself with the right, talented, and passionate colleagues, and bring out the gold in others?

  • Principle 3: You can’t be what your investment is not

How do you bring your investment to the world, deliberately evoke emotions in your customers and convert your customer experience into one that chills and thrills?

Greatness is NOWHERE answers all these questions and more and shares 3 Principles, 15 Truths, and 20 Tools to jazz up your culture, pep up your people, spice up your customer experience, and ultimately unleash greatness. Rouhana wrote to share a roadmap that will guide readers to find greatness and lead their people and organization to ultimately unleash their potential.

Here’s the book’s trailer:https://youtu.be/8VMLpnWsx9A

Melkhart Rouhana Consulta: Mentor Executive Coach