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Abu Dhabi launches Kawader Platform

MOH's Kawader platform will showcase distinctive work opportunities across Abu Dhabi’s healthcare workforce. Launched during GITEX Global 2022 being held in Dubai.


The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) has launched Kawader, a unique platform that presents distinctive work opportunities across Abu Dhabi’s healthcare workforce, during GITEX Global 2022 being held in Dubai.

As part of its commitment to retain and attract talent to Abu Dhabi, the Department seeks to support healthcare cadres through outlining vacancies according to the needs and requirements of the sector.

Kawader will highlight available vacancies in line with Abu Dhabi’s healthcare workforce planning contributing to the quality, efficiency and sustainability of the healthcare services in the Emirate.

The Platform will outline openings in various medical fields including nursing, emergency medicine, internal medicine and other allied medical segments from within healthcare facilities in the Emirate. The Platform contains an integrated set of features and functions that meet the needs of both healthcare professionals and healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi. The adaptive platform considers the changing requirements and capacity as well as future needs within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Platform allows healthcare professionals to create profiles, add resumes and licenses as well as nominate available jobs that suit their experience. Through Kawader, healthcare providers in the Abu Dhabi will be able to communicate directly with registered applicants to learn more about their competencies as well as provide them with job opportunities.

Dr. Rashid Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Healthcare Workforce Planning Sector at DoH, said, “Under the guidance of the UAE’s wise leadership, we continue to focus our efforts on investing in human capabilities and attracting healthcare talents to reside and work in Abu Dhabi. The Emirate is home to a wide group of world-class healthcare providers and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that are equipped with a remarkable workforce which has contributed to many of Abu Dhabi’s achievements and milestones.

“In line with the DoH’s efforts to position Abu Dhabi as a leading destination for healthcare, we are committed to provide our existing healthcare with unique opportunities to learn and grow in their career in line with international standards and best practices,” he added.