Welcome to the MEA HR Awards 2023

The Nominations are now open


The MEA HR & Learning Achievement Awards will recognize the region’s most outstanding HR & Learning achievements for 2023. The winners will be announced before the end of 2023. There is no entry fee for nominations. The selection of winning organizations will be based on comprehensive research, ratings from industry experts, and careful deliberations on their innovations, services, and solutions.
Awards Entry Submission Deadline date 30th November 2023

HR & Learning Award Categories

  • HR team of the year
  • L&D team of the year
  • Best Learning & Development Strategy
  • Best Talent Management Strategy
  • Best Covid 19 response strategy
  • Best HR technology strategy
  • Best recruitment strategy
  • Best CSR strategy
  • Best Reward & Recognition Strategy
  • Best career planning & management strategies
  • Best approaches in Talent acquisition
  • Best use of Diversity/Inclusion/Equity/ Equality
  • Best Talent spotting approaches
  • Best advances in gaming/gamification / simulation technology
  • Best uses of Mobile learning technology
  • Best approaches to being a full-fledged partner to the businesses
  • Best blended learning program strategies
  • Best Employee engagement & retention strategies
  • Best advances in leading a remote workforce
  • Best approaches in L&D implementation strategies
  • Best approaches in learning measurement
  • Best use of support structures post training
  • Best onboarding strategies
  • Best HIPO strategies
  • Best approaches to experiential learning
  • Best performance management strategies
  • Best use of technology in training
  • Best internal awards strategy
  • Best flexible work strategy
  • Best on-the-job training structure
  • Best learning measurement strategies
  • Best TNA strategies
  • Best use of AI / VR / AR
  • Best practices for internal E-learning

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