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E-Book Review – Well Being: Where we are Today

E-book by Bobbi Hartshorne, Bewellwise


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There can hardly be a business leader alive who is not aware of the rapidly increasing level of noise (and expectation) around the topic of workplace wellbeing. However, despite decades of activity in this area, surprisingly few organizations have moved beyond simplistic ‘yogurt and yoga’ intervention programs to develop and implement a properly resourced and integrated wellbeing strategy at the highest level. Given this, we should not be surprised to learn that levels of employee wellbeing remain stubbornly low and many workplace wellbeing programs are failing to deliver the gains that were promised.

The reasons for this failure are many and varied, and some are unique to the culture and operating environment of individual organizations. However, others are a product of our history and so we believe it’s helpful to understand a little about how this failure has come about.

Whether you’re a member of a ‘wellbeing team’ exhibiting heroic levels of enthusiasm, energy, and commitment for limited return, or you’re a CEO wrestling with how to prioritize spending into what feels like a bottomless pit, we feel your pain and we’re here to help.

If you have a little time, you are new to the topic, or you simply want to understand workplace wellbeing better, then through this series of short articles drawn from our E-Book we’ll give you a brief introduction to the topic of workplace wellbeing – how we got here, and where we went wrong.