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Exciting new Dis-Course Events Coming Soon

A new series of events being launched by MEA HR & Learning


MEA HR & Learning is delighted to announce a new series of events called Dis-Course.

Our first Dis-Course event is coming soon so watch this space.

What is Dis-Course?

Facilitated discussions on a given HR or Learning Topic.

Dis-Course is a series of facilitated conversations for HR & L&D professionals in the Middle East held in a unique venue and with a unique concept.

The rules of engagement are as follows.

No Facilitator sessions

No Workshop leaders

No Speakers

No PowerPoint

Everyone has a voice as an equal

Lots of small group discussions on the given topic from the HR & Learning Industry

A final summary where everyone comes together and states what they have learned, and what action they are going to take.


How do we get involved?

These are limited seats events (50) so drop us an email to confirm your attendance. only then will the venue be revealed if you are successful. discourse@mea-hr.com

When is the next event?

November (TBA)

What will I get out of the event?

Quite frankly whatever you put in. You will certainly broaden your network and have the chance to express your ideas and opinions while listening to your peers, colleagues and seniors ideas as well.

Where are these series of events held?

Big Boats, Big Villas, University Campuses, and Hotels.

What are the topics?

As we all know the remit and depth and breadth of HR & Learning is huge. Topics around AI, HRTech, Mental Health, Law, Compensation & benefits, eLearning, Recruitment, Onboarding, L&D practices etc.  Your suggestions and feedback would be truly appreciated.

Can my company sponsor the event?

Yes, there is a sponsorship opportunity, to attend the event, give a short introduction, and, be involved in all the discourse.

Can my company host an event?

Absolutely. We would welcome any suggestions.

To get involved email us discourse@mea-hr.com