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Exeed College launches new talk series:Talkex -Ordinary to Extraordinary!

A Leader Par Excellence

An ordinary leader gathers people together; an extraordinary leader lifts them up and inspires them to excel in what they do.

A brand new talk series Talkex – Ordinary to Extraordinary, featuring examples of how an extraordinary leader should be, and aimed at provoking thought and transformational thinking has been launched by Exeed College, a world-class Management Institute

The Talkex series provides students with an excellent opportunity to connect with renowned management experts, talking about various business-related concepts, issues, challenges, and strategies.

With a vision to become one of the leading shows globally, Talkex aims to bring unconventional, thought-provoking and practical insights on success, failure, and life by well-known personalities with extraordinary thoughts.

The series aims to connect with an audience who is seeking to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary in all parts of their lives and inspire them with insightful words of wisdom from global transformative leaders along with industry innovators.

Talkex Kicks off!

The first Talkex features Rohit Bassi – The Communication Wizard, a renowned leadership communication speaker, trainer, and coach with eminent guests. Rohit has delivered talks to 51-plus nationalities and spoke in 21-plus countries primarliy focused on developing leadership communication which results in leaders having increased courage, clarity, conviction, and compassion.

Other guests are: ┬áMr Nader Sabry – Growth Hacker. A renowned speaker, strategist, innovator, and entrepreneur as well as a leading voice in innovation, space technology, government, and health/wellness. He is a passionate advocate for inspiring the young to embrace science and technology.

Paul Michael Gledhill – Godfather of Digital Learning . A pioneer in research on technology-enabled learning in the region, Paul is the Co-founder of XpertLearning and MEA HR & Learning, and has strong business acumen in the field of digital learning and investing in technology.

The final guest is Arjun Aiyar – The Sherpa of Coaches. A transformation coach, and motivational speaker, Arjun has a passion for life which is reflected in his deep interest in uncovering the mysteries of the universe and the nature of our minds and hearts.


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