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Goal Setting with EQ 2023

Opinion Piece: Joshua Freedman CEO Six seconds.org


Let’s talk about 2023! Are you setting goals for a new year? Don’t do them wrong!!

What’s your keyword or phrase for 2023? Arianna Huffington chose “Human Energy” — how do you like that one? I’ll tell you why I do:

Like so many business goals… most New Year’s Resolutions die a quick death… largely because they lack the key emotional intelligence “trick.” For more about this, see the comments. The main issue: Most resolutions are FOCUSED ON WHAT’S WRONG.

How does it feel to talk about what’s wrong with your business, your leadership, yourself? And how do those feelings motivate you?

One of the biggest issues in using emotional intelligence is the myth of negative feelings. No such thing. Feelings are energy & information. They give us a nudge, and help us pay attention to threats and opportunities.

Some feelings push us to step back & narrow our attention. Fear is a clear example of this, it’s a message to step back & assess the risks. Despair is in the zone as well — it’s a brutal one. And it’s just a message (from you, for you) to say: Do I have options? What can and can’t I do?

Opinion Piece: Joshua Freedman CEO Six Seconds.org