Home HR & Learning Events ME EdX Summit Abu Dhabi In person event October 4th 2022

ME EdX Summit Abu Dhabi In person event October 4th 2022

Enhancing Education Experience via progressive Methods and Systems


Middle East EdX Summit 2022

4th & 5th October 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE | In-Person Event

As the world acknowledges and praises the paradigm shift of Education from being Face-to-Face with pen and paper to a complete virtual format with Zoom and Teams; Teachers, Students, Parents, and Education experts continue on the journey to discover innovative ways for teaching and learning between the combination of online and offline mediums.

Education-in the foreseeable future across K12 to University, has now become a blend of physical and online learning which poses the challenge of having a skilled teaching workforce to ensure students have a seamless learning experience while ensuring a sustainable Ed business model.

Scheduled on the 1st & 2nd of June 2022, the Middle East EdX Summit 2022 in Abu Dhabi aims to focus on enhancing the Education Experience in the region via progressive pedagogical systems, mapping teaching skills to new industry requirements, and learning tools, by showcasing new EdTech solutions, best practices and case studies right from a student applying for admission – classroom learning – teaching innovations to running a school successfully in this unpredictable environment.