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Meet the Fastest Growing HR-Tech Organization in the Middle East – Zimyo

Zimyo is revolutionizing Gulf businesses by providing the best employee experience with its cloud-based HR & Payroll solutions


Established in 2018, India-based HR-Tech Solution, Zimyo has become the fastest growing HR-Tech solution in the Middle East. A flourishing leader, Zimyo is fueling its global expansion and portfolio growth by building a large clientbase in the gulf region.

Zimyo is a powerful cloud-based solution that offers top-tier employee experience with its 40+ suite of modules. From HR & Payroll Management to Time & Attendance Management to Performance Management System (PMS) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the platform assists organizations in the entire employee management lifecycle.

The AI-based HRMS Software automates all traditional HR tasks. From managing the workforce, encouraging engagement among employees, and providing additional employee benefits, Zimyo is taking every organization into the digital transformation era.

Already catering 1000+ customers all around the globe like Kayfi, Ewings, Yash Raj Films, Amity University Online, Soho House, Morni, and Vivandi amongst others, the HR leader is engraving its name on Gulf lands too.

“Digitization of HR in SMBs is a trend that the organization has been excited about since day one. Zimyo performed exceptionally well over the past few years, as evidenced by its rapid international expansions now in the Gulf too. Furthermore, it allows companies to hire and grow teams, globally reducing the traditional complexities of managing payroll, taxes and employee benefits,” expressed Kumar Mayank, CEO – Zimyo.

The fastest-growing HRMS solution in the Middle East connects companies with sterling employee experience through modern technology on both iOS and Android. Zimyo is a revolution in the HR-Tech industry. It’s here to break the old approach of human resources worldwide with its advanced automations powered by AI.

The HRMS software administers and automates all HR operations while boosting the productivity and efficiency of the organization. With HR duties being streamlined, quality decisions are encouraged.

The Applicant Tracking System helps organizations by providing top-quality candidates from industry talent pools and aligning them with the job vacancies. It assesses the candidate profile and skills, and helps the organizations find the best fit.

Whereas, the Performance Management Software identifies, encourages, tracks, assesses, and rewards the workforce based on their performance within the organization. Every single module has its own USP that helps everyone from an employee to the employer to lead the organization towards success.

About Zimyo

Zimyo is building ways for businesses to manage and automate the system that employees run on – from HRMS, payroll, performance, engagement, recruitment and a lot more to devices and apps.

Zimyo was fabricated in 2018 by the founding members – Kumar Mayank and Ajay Kadyan to bring teams together. The reason why we design tools that allows you to frame and tailor your recruitment into a collaborative process. More than 1,000 companies use our innovative HR solution to speed up daily processes, increase retention and reduce employee attrition, and provide a quality employee experience platform.

With our software, we aim to free smart people to work on hard problems and eliminate the administrative work of running a company.

Our solutions enable hundreds of top organizations like Bajaj Capital, Kayfi, Vivandi, Soho House and more to improve their key metrics by minimizing their employee on-boarding time, turnover ratios, improved ESS procedures, help desk, and much more.