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MoHRE Emiratisation Awareness Workshops Prove Successful

Over 4,860 private companies attended Emiratisation-related workshops since January 2023, says Ministry


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has organised 62 workshops and meetings since January 2023 to raise awareness in the private sector about Emiratisation decisions, the advantages of the Nafis programme, and the benefits offered by the Ministry to companies that comply with Emiratisation targets.

The awareness workshops and meetings that were held across the UAE have seen a significant turnout and notable interest from private sector companies, with more than 7,200 participants representing over 4,860 companies attending.

Her Excellency Farida Al Ali, Assistant Undersecretary of National Human Resources Employment at MoHRE, underlined the effectiveness of the Ministry’s partnership with the private sector in “enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the UAE labour market, bringing in the best talents and most qualified human resources.”

Al Ali highlighted the “remarkable and positive response from the private sector to the Ministry’s invitations to seminars, meetings, and awareness workshops, either in person or remotely, which reflects the importance of this partnership, particularly in terms of employing Emirati professionals.”

She added: “The meetings organised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation offer a platform for enhancing constructive communication, exchanging opinions with the private sector, and receiving feedback on Emiratisation decisions and ways to implement them. “This highlights the key role that this sector plays in achieving the UAE’s goals and strategy in the labour market, as well as in supporting sustainable development efforts in the country.”

In addition to the direct interactive workshops and meetings with company representatives, the Ministry relies on various means in its ongoing awareness campaigns about Emiratisation decisions, especially through conventional and social media platforms to reach the largest possible number of companies.

MoHRE has set 7 July as the deadline for meeting semi-annual Emiratisation targets for 2023, which aims for a 1% growth in Emiratis working in skilled jobs in private sector companies with 50 employees or more. Starting 8 July, the Ministry will review companies’ commitment to achieving their targets and impose fines on non-compliant companies.