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MOHRE Takes Action for Falsifying Emiratisation Data

MoHRE initiates action against employer for fake appointments of family members to raise Emiratisation targets


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), in accordance with the relevant Cabinet resolution regarding violations and administrative penalties related to Nafis’ initiatives and programmes, has initiated an administrative action against an Emirati employer who appointed 43 family members in a fictitious manner to circumvent Emiratisation criteria and benefit from the Nafis program merits.

In a statement issued today, the Ministry reiterated the responsibilities of Emiratis as part of the Nafis program, pointing out that “the support and benefits are aimed at achieving real Emiratisation rates, and therefore they should not accept any fake jobs that make them partners in the violation of the relevant legislation and laws, therefore, depriving them from the privileges of the Nafis program. Violation will lead to penalties including suspension of support and refund of disbursed support as part of the initiative.”

The Ministry indicated that there is no clause, which prevent relatives or family members from employment in any company, however, the Emiratisation would be “categorised fake with an intention to exploit the benefits of the Nafis program, be it the owner of the company or their employees.”

The Ministry considers “fake Emiratisation” as a negative practice when an Emirati is enrolled in a company’s records without real work, or if an Emirati is re-hired in the same company with an objective to misguide the authorities. The Ministry imposes administrative penalties against violating companies and refers them to the Public Prosecution for legal action in the event of the fraud being proven.

The Ministry has intensified inspections to monitor any fake Emiratisation across the country. The administrative penalties and fines against companies that attempt to exploit the initiatives of Nafis amount reach to up to AED100,000 for every Emirati, if a fake Emiratisation case is proven.
The Ministry provides various channels that allow employees, employers, and community members to report violations to ensure enforcement of the law. Violations can be reported through the call centre on 600590000, or through the Ministry’s smart app or social media pages.