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New Regulations for Domestic Worker Placement Offices

MOHRE issues resolution regarding the licensing and regulation of the operations of domestic worker placement offices


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has issued a resolution regarding the licensing and regulation of the operations of domestic worker placement offices, in line with the provisions of the Federal Decree Law on the Regulation of Labour Relations and its executive regulations.

The licenses of existing offices will continue to be valid, provided that their holders meet all the requirements stipulated in the new resolution when renewing their licenses obtained from the Ministry. The Ministry also stressed the need for existing offices to fulfill their obligations to their clients, including employers, and the families of citizens and residents.

The ministerial resolution set out a series of conditions for licensing domestic worker placement offices, including providing a bank guarantee, (or insurance as an alternative to the guarantee) and a credit report that reflects their financial status. The resolution stipulates that the person or any of the partners applying for the license must not be an employee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, or a second-degree relative, or the husband or wife of one.

Moreover, the resolution allows domestic worker placement offices to open branches in any of the emirates, provided they meet the requirements of the emirate’s licensing authorities, and provide a clear address for the branch, with the exception of cases where the Ministry permits applicants to conduct their activities electronically.

The resolution specified a set of obligations that offices have towards domestic workers, including providing adequate housing and subsistence for domestic workers, and in cases of temporary employment, the offices must fulfill all the obligations stipulated by the law towards domestic workers.

It also specified the obligations of placement offices towards recruitment agencies based outside the country, including the obligation to comply with the conditions and controls contained in the memoranda of understanding signed by the Ministry with the country in which the agency is based, disclosing to the Ministry the number and information of domestic workers allocated to the office, and prohibiting dealing with any unlicensed recruitment agency, office, person, or entity based outside the country.

The resolution stipulated the offices’ obligations towards the Ministry, including providing assistance services, which include providing service packages that are circulated by the Ministry and in accordance with the prices approved by it, and to abide by all the terms of the service quality agreement concluded with the Ministry.

It also stipulated the obligations of beneficiaries towards domestic workers, including ensuring all conditions of occupational health and safety for domestic workers are met, and refraining from assigning them any tasks that fall outside the general framework agreed upon with the office, or longer working hours than agreed upon, as well as informing the placement office and the Ministry immediately of any work accidents or injuries suffered by the worker.