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Recruitment Open Days to Encourage Competitive Job Opportunities in UAE

MoHRE organises recruitment open days for Emiratis to join the private sector


Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation organises more than 80 recruitment open days during Q1 2023

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has organised more than 80 recruitment open days across the UAE during the first three months of 2023, with the aim of encouraging Emiratis to take advantage of the competitive job opportunities offered in the private sector.

The open days were arranged in coordination with and the participation of local human resources departments, as well as in collaboration with educational institutions and more than 81 companies from the private sector and seven free zone-based companies.

Her Excellency Farida Al Ali, Assistant Undersecretary of National Human Resources Employment, said: “Cooperation with local human resources departments, educational institutions, private sector companies and free zones provides direct channels of communication with local talents and enables them to join the vacancies in a competitive and attractive job market for local and international talents. It also opens new horizons for Emiratis to effectively contribute to the UAE’s economic development.”

She pointed out that the significance of recruitment open days, “as they serve as a platform that provides many job opportunities for Emiratis with companies operating in various economic sectors across the UAE.”

She added: “It accelerates the pace of employment of Emiratis, to be a partner in enhancing the growth and prosperity of the private sector.”

On the other hand, representatives of around 900 companies participated in awareness workshops organised by MoHRE to explain the new mechanism for achieving Emiratisation targets at companies with 50 employees or more – 1% increase to be achieved half-yearly.

The Ministry said it will continue to organise awareness workshops about the new mechanism for Emiratisation targets until the end of 2023, to ensure companies are getting the appropriate support to achieve the required targets.

The Ministry called on companies to check its official website and social media pages to learn about workshops’ schedule.