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Spotlight: Milind Trivedi

Spotlight: Milind Trivedi, Sales Director, Ramco, Dubai


Tell us about you, your experience, and your time in the Middle East.

I moved to Dubai from Mumbai in May 2004 and still remember being welcomed with the scorching heat and humidity of summer. With a job in hand, I landed to take advantage of the growth and opportunities in the bustling city of Dubai, and 19 years on I am still learning and enjoying life. I haven’t looked back since then.

There have been challenges with global economic slowdown and recently Covid-19, but knowing Dubai and the vision of UAE’s leadership you can rest assure the region will thrive. There have also been challenges with cultural changes to deal with when you relocate, but once you adapt, Dubai is the place to be. I am here with my family, and we make the most of the outdoors and spend most weekends either trekking, camping, beach clean-ups,and  exploring neighbouring regions. Except for the humidity, this place is awesome where we learnt tolerance, embrace cultural similarities and differences and inclusiveness.

How would you describe the culture of your business?

The culture of our business, guided by Ramco’s core values, is defined by a strong commitment to putting the customer first. We prioritize understanding and addressing the needs of our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and success. Simultaneously, we maintain an employee-centric approach, recognizing that our team is integral to our achievements. Our culture values innovation as a driving force, encouraging creative thinking which ensures staying at the forefront of industry advancements. We constantly strive for excellence, setting high standards in our processes and services to deliver exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders. Overall, our culture is a dynamic blend of customer focus, employee empowerment, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

How easy is it for you to get direct access to the decision-makers in your company? Companies here

Gaining direct access to decision-makers is generally straightforward. Decision-makers recognize the significance of compliance in payroll processes along with its impact on overall organizational performance and employee satisfaction.

What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

Over the next five years, I anticipate several significant challenges. The shift towards more flexible and diverse workforce models, including remote work and gig employment, poses challenges in accurately managing various compensation structures. The integration of advanced technologies, and increasing automation brings efficiency but requires strategic implementation to ensure seamless operation and data security. Additionally, addressing the aftermath of the pandemic and managing uncertainties in a dynamic global environment, including economic fluctuations and potential regulatory changes, presents an added layer of complexity. Balancing these considerations while meeting employee expectations for real-time and personalized payroll experiences will be crucial in shaping payroll strategy for the future.

What are the skills and competencies that you would need to train in order to meet the region’s talent requirements?

Training programmes must prioritize essential skills such as local compliance, language proficiency, and adaptability to regulations. Additionally, there must be a strong focus on digital literacy, specifically in AI-based technology solutions. Equipping the workforce with knowledge and proficiency in leveraging advanced payroll software, data analytics tools, and emerging AI technologies should be emphasized. With a commitment to cross-border payroll, client-centric approaches, data security, and a global payroll perspective, these initiatives aim to fortify the payroll team to effectively navigate the evolving challenges in the Middle Eastern payroll landscape.