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Spotlight On: Krystyna Litwa

Spotlight: Krystyna Litwa, Founder of Design to Align Consulting & Coaching, Dubai highlights her journey from Poland to London, and then on to the UAE.


Tell us about you, your experience, and your time in the Middle East.

Originally, I am from an idyllic village near Cracow in Poland. In my early 20s, I moved to London to study English and pursue postgraduate studies. After graduating from a Master’s degree in Organization Behavior from Birkbeck, University of London, and gaining my first valuable work experience, I relocated to Dubai in 2016 for sunnier weather, a different lifestyle, and to take my career to another level. And that was the right decision.

The majority of my professional time in Dubai has been spent working for a large multinational with over 22,000 employees globally, at first in the Human Resources function overseeing the Middle East and Africa region. With time, I moved into Learning & Organisation Development space with EMEA and Global responsibilities. While I loved my company, its people, and the projects I was involved in, I decided to leave the corporate career at the end of January 2022 and set up my own firm.

That’s how the Design to Align Consulting & Coaching firm was born.

Moving towards personal space, I am a motorcyclist and love riding solo or with groups. I enjoy meditation, jogging, cycling, and topics such as manifestation, quantum physics, feminine & masculine energy, and leadership development.

What type of service does your company offer?

I am a Culture of Respect Consultant.

I bring a cloud-based Social Intelligence Platform called Ntrinsx into this region to help people in their professional, family, and social life embrace respect in their relationships.

Speaking about the workplace, Ntrinsx enables cultural transformation, where people start to understand the intrinsic strengths of their character and recognize and appreciate the intrinsic values of others. By doing so, people start treating others how they would like to be treated in the workplace. This leads to many benefits starting from greater engagement, retention, performance, agility, innovation, and well-being. The transformation that takes place is beyond words.

Besides that, I work with companies to bring a talent-first mindset to their businesses. What it means is aligning people with a business strategy to build talent capabilities needed to accomplish ambitious business objectives and become future-proof.

And finally, as an Associate Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation (ICF), I work with private coaching clients who are Leaders in Business and wish to elevate their leadership, careers and lives to another level.

What are your biggest challenges as a new business in Dubai?

I am my business. While some tasks are outsourced to trusted freelancers, I am doing everything required to get the business off the ground. And there are tasks I am good at, and there are these I am not the strongest at; each day provides many learning opportunities.

Maybe instead of pointing to the challenges, I will point to what I would love to see more of, which would help my company grow.

I would love more companies to be open to speaking with businesses like mine; at least allow me, us to deliver (or even exceed) on our commitments instead of choosing to work with big brands which may not necessarily put as much effort, care, and dedications as I would have put.

I would love more companies to be eager to talk about PEOPLE and people from a strategic perspective, and more than that, I would love more companies to be willing to do more about people and the culture. From what I have been observing, we are on a great trajectory in that direction.

You are a motorcyclist. Tell us more about the life of a female rider in this country.

It is splendid. I ride a BMW GS 750 Triple Black bike; I love my bike and riding. I love solo and group rides, these towards Al Qudra to stop with a group of friends for a chat and those towards other Emirates and towards the mountains. The roads are of high quality. Riding allows me to be mindful and clear my mind from thoughts that do not serve me, and each ride gives me a sense of satisfaction, fulfilment, and unlimited, available possibilities.

Is there anything else you would like to add or ask those who will read this interview?

The importance of nurturing a culture of respect is real. The many symptoms your company may be experiencing related to people, such as high turnover, low engagement, low morale, low performance, no ownership, and accountability, to name a few) and very likely with extremely high costs, may have the root causes in the company culture.

In just a few words, this is what people say about Ntrinsx Assessment:

  • It is all about people.
  • It gives me the details and tells me how it works.
  • Get a free trial! Just try it! You will love it!
  • Ntrinsx is more than an assessment. There is real technology deployed and phenomenal features available.

Krystyna Litwa : www.designtoalign.ae   krystyna@designtoalign.ae