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UAE Government Launch SDG Young Leaders Programme

The UAE government launches the "SDG Young Leaders Programme"


The UAE government launches the “SDG Young Leaders Programme”, a national initiative aimed at boosting UAE youth participation in Sustainability initiatives.

The programme designed and managed by the Secretariat of the National Committee on SDGs, is aimed to provide youth with the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to participate effectively in supporting and leading national and international initiative and programmes to achieve global sustainable development goals and build a better more sustainable future.

The programme is conducted in a strategic partnership with the CSR UAE, The Federal Youth Authority as well as the Government Leadership Programme at the Prime Minister’s Office.

The unveiling of the new programme took place during Global Goals Week at Expo 2020 Dubai. Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Chairwoman of the National Committee on Sustainable Development Goals, said that the UAE has become a global incubator for innovative models in empowering youth and their participation in the development process. She added that empowering youth embodies the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership that believes in their capabilities and energy.

She further stressed that “the UAE is keen on expanding the role of youth and upskilling them to tackle future trends, and providing them with the tools and means that support their role in building our nation and our transformation into a knowledge-based and sustainable economy”.

On his part, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CSR UAE, stated that the launch of the ambitious national plans, future development projects and the new economic agenda for the next fifty years in empowering youth is more important than any time before. He added that the UAE is making huge efforts in enhancing their role to make a real difference and pushing towards developing a new, more resilient and sustainable economy.

The programme aims to effectively involve the youth in national platforms related to the Sustainable Development Goals, build youth capacities and engage them in achieving the 17 global goals. There will be a focus on the media to advance the implementation of the SDGs, which can support efforts to increase awareness, build partnerships and exchange knowledge. The media plays a major part in highlighting national and global priorities making them accessible and interesting for people, including topics such as gender balance, climate change, economic growth, peace and justice.

Upon the launch of the programme, members of the UAE National Committee on SDGs will start working close with UAE youth on various projects, programmes and initiatives. What makes this programme unique is the alignment with the UN’s “Decade of Action” call, signaling the importance of focusing on implementing and accelerating impact.

The SDG Young Leaders Programme is a continuation of the Youth Advisory Council on SDGs in its second term, as it will expand its outreach by creating various youth taskforces that focus on the different elements linking the UAE objectives towards the fulfilment of the goals locally and globally.