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UAE’s Edfundo Distributes Bespoke Learning Packs to Schools to Mark OECD’s Global Money Week

Edfundo Given Go Ahead To Host Global Money Week Activations in the Emirates


Edfundo – the financial intelligence organisation behind the first money management app and pre-paid debit card for kids and teens created by teachers – is distributing bespoke learning modules and teacher handbooks to schools throughout Dubai. This is to encourage an upscaling of financial literacy coinciding with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) Global Money Week starting March 21st.

More than 20 UAE schools are geared up to support the financial literacy push over the coming days following Global Money Week’s go-ahead to Edfundo to activate in the Emirates.

The bespoke packs are part of the Edfundo for Schools initiative that guides teachers on how to deliver lessons from the newly launched Edfundo Learning Lab – a purpose-built learning resource comprising a mix of face-to-face and micro online, free, and paid-for educational programmes aimed at plugging the financial literacy education gap at home, online and in the classroom.

Edfundo has joined the OECD’s annual Global Money Week awareness-raising campaign – now in its tenth year – to help empower young people to become financially aware from an early age, and gradually acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours needed to make sound financial decisions, and achieve financial well-being and resilience.

“We are really excited about the GMW2022’s theme of ‘Build Your Future, Be Smart About Money’ because it simply reflects the guiding ethos of Edfundo in that it captures the importance of being money smart from an early age to avoid the many pitfalls – financial and otherwise – that can befall us later in life.

“Indeed, GMW’s official slogan ‘Learn.Save.Earn’ conveys Edfundo’s own key message of empowering children and youth to learn to manage their money wisely, save for their futures and earn for themselves and their families,” commented Edfundo co-founder and COO, Andrew Toward.

Toward said signs are more than 190 countries will be taking part in this year’s Global Money Week up from 21 in 2012 when OECD first launched the initiative – which has reached in excess of 220 million people, including 53,000 million youngsters.

“We see Global Money Week as an opportunity to invite in more educational and community involvement for our financial literacy campaign and while we eagerly support this valuable OECD initiative, it’s not a surprise that we believe a week is not long enough to undo the mistakes of the past in not putting enough emphasis on financial literacy.

“It will take a year-round, on-going effort and that’s why Edfundo will be regularly collaborating with the financial and education sectors, as well as the corporate community, to ensure that we work consistently year-round to get this important message across,” Toward concluded.