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Xpert Learning – XpertTalx Launch

XpertTalx Launched on Tube


Xpert Learning Launches A new U-tube Platform: XpertTalx A Podcast offering healthy Open discussions on critical HR and learning topics with Industry Experts in the region and in our field.

In this First 33 minute Episode Paul Michael Gledhill explores Communication and will help you discover the following:

The cost of poor communication in your organization.

How to measure and demonstrate the business impact of communication and language training programs.

The impact of communication and language skills in your DE&IB (Diversity, Equity, -Inclusion & Belonging) strategy.

“Most CEO’s agree that the most important critical skill in today’s world is communication.” The estimated costs to companies through misunderstanding and lack of communication skills in global companies is estimated to be 62 billion dollars lost per year!

Paul introduces Mohammed and Waleed…. HR professionals talking about real life stories of communication and how they have experienced these challenges throughout their careers in blue chip companies and in their experiences.


To Watch this Episode Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w2mmQPTWjY