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Spotlight: Pikki Nanda

Pikki Nanda Coach Expert HR Consultant Dubai UAE


Tell us about you, your experience, and your time in the Middle East.

Being a daughter of a Diplomat I have traveled and lived in many different countries which have expanded my view and understanding of different cultures. We are basically all the same with similar requirements which is the vital key in these times. This is where I believe I am a global citizen.  I started working professionally as a German Translator.  I regularly do German Translations to German and English-speaking clients and give German Language lessons. I coach English, German, Hindi, and Punjabi.

I have been living and working in the Middle East for many years and this exposure of working in Human Resources and then networking with many different nationalities brings us closer together. I speak English, Hindi, German and Punjabi and feel and know that languages narrow the gap between different nationalities.

How would you describe the culture of your business?

I am an Erickson International Certified Solution Focused Coach. As a solution-focused Transformational Coach and Speaker  I dive in with clients beyond cultural borders, tapping into a hidden gem that lies within each of us; the urge to lift the lid to achieve success and support the development and enhancement of your organization’s coaching culture and as an individual.

Bridge Gaps within Teams, Conflict Elimination, and Resolution Performance management framework. Advise leaders 1:1 and conduct workshops on all aspects of professional communication. Coaching is customized for each professional, to gain confidence and achieve ambitious goals

How easy is it for you to get direct access to the decision-makers in companies here?

It depends on the need of the company and the wholesome approach with the decision-makers. When you are running a business, we need to remember marketing and sales is a crucial element of that and the messages that we give through the marketing makes a massive difference with the value the client believes will get from you. What I have noticed in the middle east the decision makers tend to be the seniors rather than the titles, when I say seniors, I am talking about CEOs CFOs, and Company Directors. Now taking this further in my experience what I have noticed in getting a decision maker it is always good to get direct access to them because they are not there to waste your time they are very straight and forefront with you in terms of if they want to work with you or they are not in need of your services. Now getting direct access to these decision makers is tough and therefore it is very important to use tools which allow you to understand the profile of the decision maker and when you go to the decision maker you go with your message very clear cut so they can see what they can provide and what you can provide them and the organization which would benefit them from a revenue perspective, from a cost saving perspective, from a process efficiency perspective and a quality perspective. In order to get access to these direct decision makers you need to go to these tools such as the Linkedin Navigator or a Lead Generation machine that allows you to find these decision makers.  In essence, decisions are made by these decision makers and these are the guys who connect you with the right people in the organization who understand your services much better than the decision makers do. As the decision maker is telling the internal contact person to meet you it is easier to do the sales and deliver your services. Finding a decision maker is a tough job, it does not matter which company, which industry or which country.

What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

One of the biggest challenges the coaching industry is facing people run after only certifications rather than experience. It is great to get certificates Depending on where your seniority is you need to envision the In fact if you look at the greatest coaches in the world, they have no certifications. The emphasis on certification should not be the deciding factor. The deciding factor should be experienced, the skills the person brings to the table when a coach is being hired and the connection one has with them. People need to realize that they need to be coached by coaches who have experience.  Envision my experiences, explore ahead with clarity and empower teams and individuals with the right vision and coaching experience.

What are the skills and competencies that you would need to train in order to meet the region’s talent requirements?

Technology is wonderful, it makes our life easy. There is a lot of talk about how technology is evolving and how AI is taking over things. Firstly, AI is in its infancy, secondly most important thing – Humans are the ones who created AI so that our work can be done faster with quality. With more technology coming on board, people, organizations need to understand and know that kindness, empathy, compassion need to be on top of their agenda because at the end of the day no matter how much technology we have we will still be dealing with humans. The technology instead of bridging the gap between people is separating it. The only way to bridge the gap is through kindness, empathy, and compassion so look into your emotional intelligence.

What is your philosophy?

Advance ahead passionately following the Kaizen method in my work with professional progression, communication & self-awareness.