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UAE Grants Flexible Work Hours for Working Parents

The UAE authorities have granted flexible work hours to parents working in the federal government for the new academic year.


The country’s Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has issued a special circular directing all ministries and federal entities in the country to enable their employees to benefit from the flexibility offered by the “back to school” policy.

The move is aimed at improving the quality of life of employees and raising levels of job satisfaction and happiness. The policy also seeks to achieve the required balance between social and professional life and enhancing family cohesion.

The “back to school” policy states that parents who are federal government employees and who have children in schools are given the flexibility to take their children to and from schools, whether through a morning delay or early departure on the first school day for a maximum period of 3 hours, combined or divided in two shifts, morning or evening.

Fathers and mothers who are federal government employees with children in nurseries and kindergartens may be granted a morning delay permit or an early leave permit during the first school week to accompany their children to and from the nursery for a maximum of three hours per day.

The “back to school” policy grants the employee the possibility of flexible work on other occasions and circumstances related to the school year where the employee may be granted permission for a period not exceeding three hours to attend parents’ meetings in their children’s schools.